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Reuben Gross Associates, Architects regards architecture and design as the inter-relationship between client requirements and physical potential. Since the formation of the firm in 1989, RGA has given the highest priority to the functional need of it's clients, convinced that in the solution of the program lies the key to the ultimate aesthetic solution of the project. The firms commitment to the above principle has resulted in a series of completed projects with stylistic forms generated by the owner and programmatic needs rather than artistic pre-conception
From the firms's office in Teaneck, NJ, Mr. Gross maintains continuous and total control over the design and realization of every project from conception through construction.
Reuben Gross Associates has extensive experience in dealing with City, State and Federal government agencies. The firm has completed numerous projects through New York City's HPD, Vacant Buildings, POMP, DAMP, PLP, Small Homes and Construction Management programs.
Mr. Gross is registered to practice architecture in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Reuben Gross Associates
Architects, PA